Track 1

Digital Infrapunctures

Introduction - Digital Infrapuncture

Digital infrapuncture is a term that draws attention to stress points in infrastructures and stimulates thinking about how to intervene. As private, corporate infrastructures slowly encroach on the public realm, they may enable privacy breaches through user data extraction, or determine the agency of the user, or may perpetuate systemic inequalities through their very design. Paying attention to the harms they produce is paramount.

Introduction: Deb Verhoeven

Deb Verhoeven's work explores the intersection between cinema studies and other disciplines such as history, information management, geo-spatial science, statistics, urban studies and economics.

Track 2

Harm in Computational Infrastructures

Introduction: Harm in Computational Infrastructures

Previously we have become acquainted with a view on digital infrastructures that highlights their reparative and connective characteristics. In this track we will trace the term computational infrastructures, which forefronts how infrastructures are shaped by political, economic and social forces, how they are made from material elements and how they move said elements in the world.

Track 3

Introduction to Bots

Introduction: Bots

This track will go over an introduction to what bots are, what they do and their importance in shaping power relations on digital infrastructures.

Track 4

Bot Logic

Introduction: Bot Logic

Could bots be a form of digital infrapunctures? Using the proposed concept of bot logic, we'll be looking at what kind of user a bot is.

Bot behaviour

As programmable objects bots have particular action modes.

Track 5

Infrapunctural Imaginaries (exercise)

Track 6

Critical Interventions Through Bots (exercise)

Track 7