Introduction: Deb Verhoeven

Deb Verhoeven is the Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and Cultural Informatics at the University of Alberta. She is the Director of the Humanities Networked Infrastructure project1, a linked data initiative which brings together datasets from multiple Australian cultural organisations into one database. Verhoeven's work explores the intersection between cinema studies and other disciplines such as history, information management, geo-spatial science, statistics, urban studies and economics.

In the following video contributions, Deb Verhoeven will unpack the term infrapunctures. She will explore how it is a useful departure point for infrastructural change that is beneficial for the communities who uses them. We invited her to respond to the following questions:

  • What are digital infrapunctures?
  • How do we identify stress points in digital infrastructures?
  • Who can create infrapunctures?
  • Could you expand on the analogy of acupuncture in relation to infrastructures?
  • Could you give some examples of infrapunctural interventions?


  1. Humanities Networked Infrastructure. Last accessed 9th November 2020.