Step 3: How does the bot punctuate?

Outline a bot that engages with the specific point of stress you have identified. Consider the following questions.

How could a bot intervene in this situation? Or following Verhoeven's terminology, how could it punctuate?

What (programmatic) behaviour could your bot enact?

  • repetition: bots can be run repeatedly
  • condition: bots are often written in response to a particular condition
  • iteration: bots can be used multiple times
  • memory: bots can rely on a database
  • tempo: bots can operate at a specific time frame as described by the programmer
  • versioning: bots can make multiple versions of an original source
  • amplification: bots can extend the reach of a message

Some further questions that can help narrow down the action mode of your bot.

  • What roles can be picked up by a bot? Is the bot for example a janitor, gardener, reporter?
  • In what way is the bot conducive to the well-being of its context?
  • What modes of interaction does the bot use? Is the bot for example witnessing, listening, gathering, greeting, sparking, whispering, reminding, shouting?