Step 1: Unnerving norms and values

Consider the questions below and write your answers down.

When we talk about digital communication infrastructures, which ones come to mind? Make a list and pick one that you would like to work with.

Regarding the norms and values of the infrastructure:

  • What does the infrastructure bring together?
  • What kind of interaction is afforded by the infrastructure?
  • What does the design of the infrastructure render as valuable?
  • Who has the access and agency to intervene in the making of the infrastructure?
  • How do these norms relate to power hierarchies, gender, ethnicity, class or race?

Regarding the way these are manifested in the design of an infrastructure:

  • What communication features can be used to interact with others?
  • How do they shape the mode of conversation?
  • What does the system emphasise?
  • What does the system hide?